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Advances in Computational Astrophysics

Data-intensive Radio Astronomy: Challenges and Opportunities in Science and Data Management

Hanno HoltiesScientific data infrastructure for LOFARInvited Talk

Dust evolution in galaxies - focus on supernovae, AGB stars and the ISM

Leonard RomanoThe Need for Dust Diffusion in SPH Simulations of Dust Evolution in the ISMContributed Talk

Pushing the Frontiers in Dwarf Galaxy Research

Dominik BomansMagnetic fields in Starburst Dwarf Galaxies Contributed Talk
Sam TaziauxExploring magnetised galactic outflows in dwarf galaxiesContributed Talk

Meeting Bildungsausschuss

E-Science / E-Infrastructures / Virtual Observatory / Machine Learning

Future perspectives for radio astronomy in Germany

Milky Way and Nearby Galaxies: Templates for Galaxy Evolution Studies

Michael Stein Analyzing the Global Magnetic Field Configuration of Edge-On Galaxies with Radio Polarimetry DataContributed Talk

Colloquium of the Working Group History of Astronomy in the Astronomical Society

junge AG / young AG

Star formation, feedback and chemistry of the low-metallicity ISM

Masato KobayashiThe critical metallicity in the formation of magnetized molecular clouds driven by atomic colliding flowsContributed Talk

The lives of massive stars and their influence on star formation

Fengwei XuFrom ASHES to ASSEMBLE: A Dynamic View of Massive Protocluster Formation and EvolutionContributed Talk
Fengwei XuFrom ASHES to ASSEMBLE: A Dynamic View of Massive Protocluster Formation and EvolutionContributed Talk
Rakesh PandeyTesting the bloated star hypothesis in IRAS 19520+2759Contributed Talk

Minor Bodies of the Solar System and Beyond as Witnesses of Planet Formation

René HellerThe formation of the Galilean moons and Titan in the Grand Tack scenarioContributed Talk

The Physics behind the Multimessenger Emissions of Active Galactic Nuclei

Daniela DornerFACT - AGN Monitoring and Multi-Messenger ProgrammContributed Talk
Daniela DornerFACT - Highlights from Ten Years of Blazar MonitoringPoster

Public Outreach in der Astronomie

Olaf KretzerAstronomie in Thüringen - eine ÜbersichtskarteContributed Talk
Yelena Stein, Manfred GaidaFührung durch das Schulplanetarium in Köln-Nippes Contributed Talk

Multiwavelength studies of supernova remnants and their impact on the interstellar medium

Günay PaylıArticlePoster
Günay PaylıInvestigation of supernova remnant IC 443 and G189.6+3.3 with LAMOSTContributed Talk
Jing LiDiscovery of ∼2200 new supernova remnants in 19 nearby star-forming galaxies with MUSE spectroscopyContributed Talk
Leonard RomanoCloud Formation by Supernova ImplosionPoster
Leonard RomanoSISSI: Supernovae in a Shearing, Stratified Interstellar MediumContributed Talk

The interplay between synoptic, high-resolution, and in-situ solar physics

General Poster

Plenary Talks