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Advances in Computational Astrophysics

Data-intensive Radio Astronomy: Challenges and Opportunities in Science and Data Management

Dust evolution in galaxies - focus on supernovae, AGB stars and the ISM

Pushing the Frontiers in Dwarf Galaxy Research

Meeting Bildungsausschuss

E-Science / E-Infrastructures / Virtual Observatory / Machine Learning

Milky Way and Nearby Galaxies: Templates for Galaxy Evolution Studies

junge AG / young AG

Star formation, feedback and chemistry of the low-metallicity ISM

The lives of massive stars and their influence on star formation

Minor Bodies of the Solar System and Beyond as Witnesses of Planet Formation

The Physics behind the Multimessenger Emissions of Active Galactic Nuclei

Public Outreach in der Astronomie

Future perspectives for radio astronomy in Germany

Multiwavelength studies of supernova remnants and their impact on the interstellar medium

The interplay between synoptic, high-resolution, and in-situ solar physics

General Poster

Plenary Talks