Splinter Meetings

Splinter meetings will be held in parallel and may last for up to three sessions during the conference.

Below you can find the list of the splinter meetings accepted by the SOC, including links to their websites.

Please note: Abstract submission for all splinters is done centrally through the Abstract Submission on this website. Please do not send your abstracts directly to the convenors of the splinter meetings!

ComputationalAdvances in Computational AstrophysicsXX S26
DataManageData-intensive Radio Astronomy: Challenges and Opportunities in Science and Data ManagementXX S22
DustEvolDust evolution in galaxies - focus on supernovae, AGB stars and the ISMXX S12
DwarfGalaxiesPushing the Frontiers in Dwarf Galaxy ResearchXX S24
EducationMeeting BildungsausschussX S23
EScienceE-Science / E-Infrastructures / Virtual Observatory / Machine LearningXX S13
FutureRadioFuture perspectives for radio astronomy in GermanyX S26
GalaxyEvolMilky Way and Nearby Galaxies: Templates for Galaxy Evolution StudiesXX S21
JungeAGjunge AG / young AGX S25
LowMetStar formation, feedback and chemistry of the low-metallicity ISMXX S23
MassiveStarsThe lives of massive stars and their influence on star formationXX S23
MinorBodiesMinor Bodies of the Solar System and Beyond as Witnesses of Planet FormationX S21
MultimessengerThe Physics behind the Multimessenger Emissions of Active Galactic NucleiXX S25
OutreachPublic Outreach in der AstronomieX S24
SNRMultiwavelength studies of supernova remnants and their impact on the interstellar mediumXX S14
SolarThe interplay between synoptic, high-resolution, and in-situ solar physicsXX S15